CMS: Formatting Text


Many fields in the campus CMS allow you to use the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. The editor has both drop-down menus and icons. Some formatting features are accessible from multiple menus and icons.

WYSIWYG Formatting Options

WYSIWYG icon:wysiwyg

Drop-down menus


WYSIWYG icon: undo, redoUndo, redo
WYSIWYG icon: bold italic underlineBold, italic, underline
WYSIWYG icon: alignmentAlign left, center, right, full
WYSIWYG icon: formatsAvailable text styles (headings)
WYSIWYG icon: bullets and numbered listsBullets and numbering
WYSIWYG icon: outdent, indentOutdent, indent
WYSIWYG icon: link, break link, anchorLink, break link, insert anchor
WYSIWYG icon:insert, edit imageInsert/edit image
WYSIWYG icon:insert, edit videoInsert/edit video
 WYSIWYG icon: source codeEdit HTML source code
 WYSIWYG icon: full screenToggle full screen mode

Format drop-down